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Before we launched goodnessknows® we gave more than 100 households a month's supply to see how they liked it. They did! Some of their comments:

This is different from granola bars. It's not boring or bland. Not too sweet and it doesn't taste like cardboard. - Nora S.
Best snacks we've had in the house in a long time. Phenomenal taste compared to other grain products that taste like grass. goodnessknows® was just the right amount of sweet. - Mike F.
I loved the chocolate layer on the bottom—bittersweet, a good pairing with the sweet cranberries. - Vanessa C.
You really knew you were eating something—actual food! When you bit into it, you knew it was a food, it wasn't just a snack. It's something designed to satisfy your hunger. - Daniel M.
goodnessknows® stops my hunger, doesn't leave me wanting more—with granola bars, I want to keep on eating them. - Lisa M.
My wife and I have an old saying that a leopard ate something that hit all the right spots. It sated my appetite for chocolate; I was no longer hungry and didn't want anything else. It filled all the gaps. - Howard W.
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This video requires Adobe Flash Player.
It takes away the urge to eat something sweet—it satisfies. With granola bars, you still want something sweet afterwards. - Debora G.
I felt very satisfied after eating goodnessknows®. It made me feel good—happy. They were fun! - Nelly S.
I liked them and I am very particular—that's why I agreed to do this interview! - Lindsey R.